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Our Story

As a BIPOC, single mother who came to the US as a refugee, I struggled to get to where I am today.  Conforming to the settlers expectations and systems of oppression.  Learning and unlearning.  Seeking outside of myself for truth and love only to find it buried within me, under layers of trauma and unworthiness.  

I had fallen asleep over the years.  It took a pandemic to wake me up. 

In March 2020, I had fallen ill with Covid and battled with post-Covid syndrome for 10 months. As the days drew out in lockdown, I nestled in my cocoon, unable to do anything but rest my mind and body.  I watched as the Black, Indigenous, POC, LGBTQIA communities fought for basic human rights- the shadows of the settlers' America were being exposed. I saw the need for more comfort collectively as we continue to isolate in our homes. I wondered, "How can we be kinder to ourselves, one another, and to our planet? What can we do to better take care of ourselves? Mentally, physically, spiritually. How do we create a space for ourselves that nourishes us?"

Made By Luxe is an evolution of the vision that I have had my whole life.  I dreamt of having a safe space for people to express themselves authentically, to heal, to be nourished and nurtured, to be comfortable, to rediscover the traditions of their ancestors, and to return to the wisdom within. It started with a holistic retreat business over a decade ago to a social change coalition in tech, and now as we collectively begin to rise from our slumber, Made By Luxe has emerged to help with your transition to wokeness.  We curate products and content that will help you lead a healthier life and help Mother Earth regenerate.

We believe:

  • In the power of self-care, that collective healing starts with the individual;
  • In the power of connection, community building, inclusivity;
  • That everything is connected.  Intersectionality in social and climate justice means addressing patriarchy, institutionalized and environmental racism, risk for people with disabilities, and continued imperialism by the United States to maintain control and dependence on fossil fuels for corporate profit.
  • Made by Luxe knows that we can all do better for ourselves - mentally, physically and spiritually - through thoughtful consumption practices.


 Lucy Keoni


Founder, Made By Luxe.