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Jade Gua Sha Massage Tool-Made By Luxe
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Jade Gua Sha Massage Tool-Made By Luxe
You've heard about them but have NO IDEA what they do, right?! GUA SHA is a practice that goes back 700 years to... Full details

Jade Gua Sha Massage Tool

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Lava Clay Healing Soap Bar-Made By Luxe
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Description Formed millennia ago by volcanic activity, Lava Clay is only found in the ancient sea beds of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. Lava... Full details

Lava Clay Healing Soap Bar

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Island Jade Gemstone Gua Sha + Massaging Comb-Made By Luxe
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A gemstone massaging tool with a versatile 4-in-1 design for the most luxurious head, scalp, face, and body massage. Hand-carved out of... Full details

Island Jade Gemstone Gua Sha + Massaging Comb

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Palo Santo-Made By Luxe
The Palo Santo Piece measures aprox 4"x1". Palo Santo "Holy Wood", clears bad energy, provides spiritual protection and brings good luck. It... Full details

Palo Santo

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Connection Ritual Kit With Rose Quartz-Made By Luxe
Moon and Jai Heart Opening Connection Ritual kit is an excellent tool for expanding a loving connection. The kit is utilized by... Full details

Connection Ritual Kit With Rose Quartz

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Prosperity Ritual Kit With Citrine-Made By Luxe
What would life be like if you had financial freedom and unlimited prosperity?Create and maintain abundance and prosperity with Moon and Jai... Full details

Prosperity Ritual Kit With Citrine

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Release Ritual Kit With Lepidolite-Made By Luxe
RELEASE what no longer serves, release any unwanted energies, patterns, situations. By letting go of what doesn't serve our highest good we create... Full details

Release Ritual Kit With Lepidolite

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Balance Ritual Kit-Made By Luxe
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$81.91 $65.96
Are you seeking Balance in your life? Blue calcite is a balancing stone that helps facilitate calm, clear communication, intuition and a... Full details

Balance Ritual Kit

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Manifest Ritual Kit With Labradorite-Made By Luxe
Are you ready to MANIFEST your goals, desires and create magic in your life?Know someone who is truly ready to MANIFEST their... Full details

Manifest Ritual Kit With Labradorite

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Healing Ritual Kit With Amethyst, Selenite, Clear Quartz, Sage-Made By Luxe
Ready to create some powerful healing in your life? Amethyst, the beautiful purple crystal inside our HEALING ritual kit is one of the... Full details

Healing Ritual Kit With Amethyst, Selenite, Clear Quartz, Sage

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Harmony Ritual Kit-Made By Luxe
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$58.11 $44.62
A RITUAL FOR INNER PEACE, BALANCE and JOY Embody your creative life-force, connect with your Inner and Universal guidance with this blissful... Full details

Harmony Ritual Kit

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Abundance Ritual Kit-Made By Luxe
A ritual for manifesting and amplifying abundance Please InJOY these tools for expansion, abundance and magic! Each element in the kit is... Full details

Abundance Ritual Kit

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Azurite Natural Stone-Made By Luxe
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Beautiful, colorful Azurite stones cut straight from mother earth! Check out the color of these rocks…and that's all-natural, no dyes or chemicals... Full details

Azurite Natural Stone

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Celestite Geode Stone-Made By Luxe
Celestite Geode Stone-Made By Luxe
Natural, Celestite Geodes with tons of beautiful druzy! Celestite is a natural light blue, translucent stone and is a calming, relaxing stone-and allows... Full details

Celestite Geode Stone

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Citrine Point Display On Metal Stand-Made By Luxe
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Display the power of Citrine!! Beautiful citrine points on metal stands will bring amazing energy for those seeking prosperity and abundance! This... Full details

Citrine Point Display On Metal Stand

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Copper & Crystal Trios-Made By Luxe
Handmade mini copper and crystal sets are perfect for attracting and manifesting your intentions! Copper is a powerful conductor of energy and is... Full details

Copper & Crystal Trios

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Dali Rainbow Jasper Points-Made By Luxe
Obsessed with the energy of this new Dali Rainbow Jasper Point! Comforting, healing, nurturing stone that connects with the root chakra to... Full details

Dali Rainbow Jasper Points

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Crystal Goddess Carvings-Made By Luxe
NEW GODDESS gemstone carvings! Guan Yin (aka Goddess of Mercy, Avalokiteshvara & Bodhisattva of Compassion) brings protection to anyone who calls on... Full details

Crystal Goddess Carvings

Regular price $56.88

Elestial Amethyst Points-Made By Luxe
BACK IN STOCK! Very rare Elestial Amethyst points! These beauties were found in a deep dark cave just waiting to see the... Full details

Elestial Amethyst Points

Regular price $25+

Fluorite Crystal Gemstone Point-Made By Luxe
This hand-cut and polished crystal point can help eliminate negative energy around you and accumulation in the body. This effective energy tool... Full details

Fluorite Crystal Gemstone Point

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Green Aventurine Diffuser With Natural Oils Set-Made By Luxe
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Green Aventurine Diffuser With Natural Oils Set-Made By Luxe
Great gift set for anyone who loves crystals and natural essential oils! This diffuser set comes with a large green aventurine rough... Full details

Green Aventurine Diffuser With Natural Oils Set

Regular price $56.88

Labradorite Polished Standing Free Forms-Made By Luxe
Utilize the power of every day with these beautiful, luminescent standing-free forms! helps to balance the mind, amplify psychic abilities and connect... Full details

Labradorite Polished Standing Free Forms

Regular price $83.13

Daily Intentional Life Journal- Green-Made By Luxe
Our Intentional Life daily journal is here to make journaling meaningful and easy! Every page has the same set of daily prompts.... Full details

Daily Intentional Life Journal- Green

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Amethyst Druzy Crystals-Made By Luxe
Amethyst druzy crystals are so gorgeous, they are the perfect item for anywhere in your home or office. Grade B Amethyst (grade... Full details

Amethyst Druzy Crystals

Regular price $20+